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Real Port security isn't just about law enforcement. It's often about the quality of people working the docks, driving the forklift and unloading the containers. Do you know how safe your business is? Call us for an assessment of your safety needs, or send us an email.

Our Services

  1. Rigorous Background Checks
  2. Employee Fatigue Index monitoring
  3. Cognitive motor testing
  4. Aggressive drug and alcohol screening
  5. Personnel Test Procedure Training
  6. Full 46 CFR Part 40 CFR review
  7. Custom On/Off-site monitoring programs
  8. International Maritime law Compliance review and implementation
  9. Industry advocacy

About us

For years our mission has been to give assurance to our ever expanding list of global clients from the largest carriers to small operators in towing and salvage, sailing and diving schools, and every size of passenger and charter services.
With our rigorous screenings and standard setting monitoring programs, Bridger Transporation Logistics can keep you in solid compliance with every maritime screening requirement – from Coast Guard D&A requirements to the highest level of international safety testing.
In addition to being industry leaders in drug and alcohol screening, we offer a full battery of cognitive motor testing, fatigue indexing. Bridger Transporation Logistics has grown to be the largest and most comprehensive drug testing serving marine small businesses, including charterboats, sailing schools, marine towing and salvage firms, and passenger carrying vessels.

Our Team

We've always been lucky to find the brightest people. The BTL team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success. Give us a call to learn more about the accomplishments and the deep experience they offer or to see if you'd make the cut.

A Little History

Bridger Transportation Logistics was founded in 1986 following the procedures outline in the Vessel Theft Investigators National Roster. This roster assisted investigators in combating marine crime of all sorts. In 1999, the company went international with a European office. That year they opened the logistics management wing and opened an office in the Unite Arab Emirates. Since then, Bridger TL has been hired by more than 2000 public and private companies in the United States and around the world.

Our Services

Personnel Readiness -

Rigorous Background Checks,Employee Fatigue Index monitoring, Cognitive motor testing, Aggressive drug and alcohol screening and Personnel Test Procedure Training are all part of the big picture of keeping port activities safe, secure, dependable and in compliance

Freight Monitoring -

We watch everything that comes in and out and track it until it reaches the customer. Our modern tagging methods have kept us ahead of the pack for thirty years and e plan to keep it that way.

International Compliance -

Dangerous ttimes call for changing methods requiered by a virtual alphabet soup of international monitoring and certificate granting organizations. We don't expect you to stay up on the trends – that's what we do at BridgerTL.

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